Sexy Lingerie for Women and Men in Ste-Thérèse

At Cœur à Corps, our erotic lingerie is very diverse in terms of style, fabric, sizes, etc. We offer underwear of all kinds for both sexes, thongs, boxers, bras, negligees, skirts, dresses, corsets, pants, stay-up nylons and more. All in a variety of fabrics: cotton, lace, polyester, leather, vinyl, latex, wet-look, etc.

Madam Would Like ...

Role Playing

Ladies, if you're in a committed or open relationship with one or several partners, why not indulge yourself in a sexy role-play session?

Each session you can be a different person: a nurse, a police officer, a firefighter, a secretary, a schoolgirl, a tap dancer, a stripper, a pirate, a soldier, a fairy, a teacher, a maid ...anything that would make you enticing and desirable but different from your everyday look!

Your partner can also disguise himself as a police officer, firefighter or construction worker.

Then just pretend you're someone else!


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