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For couples and everyone who is a fan of erotic games, at Cœur à corps boutique we have dozens of games, and each one is more exciting than the next! You will also find plenty of little surprises and fun and sexy gifts to give each other... we have thousands of items in store. Come on over!

Madam Would Like ...

To touch herself in the bath

Ladies, here's a lovely little scenario…

Take a nice, warm and foaming bath, using one of our Shunga's sea salt. We have several exciting fragrances to choose from!

Once the bath is ready, turn off the lights, take your clothes off and gently slip into the warm, bubbling bathtub.

Light a few scented candles and place them nearby. The aphrodisiac fragrance of these candles will transport you to a universe where you can delve into your most intimate erotic fantasies and secrets.

Close your eyes and imagine that the person of your fantasies is in the bathroom with you.

It can be a handsome fireman, a policeman or anyone in uniform, ready to undress for you. Picture a handsome and muscular Adonis undressing himself near you while swaying around in a lascivious yet sensual manner...

While one hand moves languidly across your body, sinking more and more into lust and desire, the other has already grasped your "submersible" LELO vibrator, as it ventures mechanically to the den of carnal pleasures...

Go ahead, open your legs slightly, and using your left hand, open the ''lips'' and unblock your little erected and stiffened buttercup through the libidinal drive. Then, turn on your vibrator, and start caressing yourself with it to stimulate your clitoris ... hmmm ... feels good, doesn't it? Gently thrust your device inside your vulva, pushing it a little further inside, in order to stimulate your G-spot ... while the other vibrating rod tickles your clit.

Meanwhile, your beautiful Adonis finishes undressing himself and is about to come meet you in your sexual paradise... hum!

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