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At Cœur à Corps, you will find everything you need: massage oils, warming edible oils, multiple water-based, silicone and hybrid lubricants, various creams, glosses, gels, vaginal and anal lubricants, stimulating and desensitizing creams...

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Body Massages

If you enjoy after sex massages, feel free to buy the best massage lotion on the market! Indeed, our lotions are of such great quality that they are often used by many massage therapists, which says a lot!

In our catalog, you'll find a wide variety of massage lotions, the most diverse fragrances for your satisfaction! Some inspire tranquility and relaxation, while others called aphrodisiacs, may be very stimulating and inspire taste and passion for sexual intercourse!

All of our lotions, which are from renowned brands, have striking features: very smooth and glides very easily on your skin; they don't stick or form unpleasant lumps like some poorer quality lotions sold in pharmacies or elsewhere. They however moisturize your skin, which is very nice and helpful especially during the cold seasons!

These same massage lotions are sold separately or as part of a more comprehensive kit!

Happy shopping ladies!

Magical Sexual Attraction!

Want to significantly increase your sexual attraction, your sensuality, your confidence, and your chances of a successful seduction? If so, feel free to stop by our shop and purchase a bottle of pheromone concentrate (synthetic sexual hormones)!

We've been selling concentrates at Coeur à Corps for years, of which our customers are now big fans. We’ve received lots of positive and convincing feedback concerning their efficiency, which is why we're happy to be able to keep helping people who want to boost their seduction game and more.

Pheromone concentrates come in two versions: a pink bottle for women and a black bottle for men. We call it JO Phéromone!

On top of increasing sexual attraction between two people, there's another very good reason to use pheromones: people who work with the public and earn tips or commissions, such as waitresses, barmaids, exotic dancers, sales clerks, and beauticians, have noticed a strong rise in their income just by using a pheromone-based product.

Why is that, you ask? Simply because people who wear pheromones, which are odourless and directly affect the brain, seem to magically become more attractive, trustworthy, reassuring, friendly, pleasant, etc.

Should you still have doubts about whether or not pheromone concentrates actually work, please stop by our shop for one free trial. You'll be able to spritz yourself with a concentrate at no cost, test it out, and hopefully come back and give us your feedback.

See you soon!

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