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Female Ejaculation

Have you always longed to have a squirting orgasm, like an actress in an erotic film? Set the stage and mood with the following tips...

First of all, you need to reach a very high level of excitement. You therefore have to attain the second phase of excitement called the "plateau" which is normally characterized by vaginal lubrication.

To facilitate the success of this second phase of the female sexual response, you can use certain types of products, such as Forta, aphrodisiac for women, which increases the quality and intensity of the sensations during caressing and/or stimulation of the erogenous zone (sexual), which boosts the libido and sex drive simultaneously.

There are also many women who, to make their erogenous zones more sensitive to touch, use creams or lotions such as Shunga's Secret Garden, a cream specially designed to help provide a more intense clitoral orgasm; or the excitation cream Rain of love specifically designed for the G-spot.

Once these initial conditions are fulfilled, you must know that there are clitoral and vaginal (G-spot) high-performance stimulation accessories that will help you progress quickly towards your ultimate level of excitement. Such devices include the LELO Tiani stimulator and the Thrill by We- Vibe®.

In summary, when the three following conditions are met: high level of excitement and desire, adequate and simultaneous clitoral and vaginal (G-spot) stimulation... it is very likely that you will experience, to your satisfaction, a great explosion/ejaculation fluid from your womb!

Statistics show that after squirting for the first time, this type of ejaculation tends to recur quite easily, if desired of course, in future attempts!

Finally, please note that it may be useful to slide a waterproof mattress pad under your body on the bed during this experiment, in order to avoid wetting your mattress or covers!

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